Changes to our CounterStrike Roster

Thu 21st Jul 2016 - 4:18pm : Gaming

Our Counter Strike roster has had a change.

On Wednesday 20th July, the former capatin of the Counter Strike roster, 'BreeZe', announced that he will step down from the roster and move into the coach position. With that, he has been replaced by a player going by the name of 'Holtie'. A statement from 'Breeze': "Hello there, I've decided to step down from the main roster and become coach for the team. A new IGL replacement called Matt "Holtie" Holt will be filling in for me. He was a very good pick for the team in terms of leading the team as we were struggling we me being in charge of strats. I now coach the team and is a stand in for any times needed. This team is working very well in training and we are progressing with this new In game leader." 

We can't wait to see what this team can achieve in the COunter Strike scene!




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